Pictured: Sergei Khrushchev, Francis Gary Powers, Jr, and David Eisenhower at “Cold War Conversations: The Uprisings and Revolutions of 1956” held at South County Secondary School in Lorton, VA on October 14, 2006

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Support veterans planning their military reunions through education, connection and resource. We answer planner questions about contracts, destinations, and how to get complimentary support.   We help you create a request for proposal and review contracts with you.  Almost all of our support and resources is free to Veterans. Our mission is one way to reduce Veteran Suicide. Continued connections made through military reunions keeps Veterans off a potential dark path.

The Military Reunion Network

Founded by two foreign language teachers in 1969, CHA provides high-quality, affordably priced group educational travel packages to destinations across Europe and the Americas. CHA works with high school and college groups as well as alumnae associations, special interest groups, church organizations and more. Groups can choose a tour from CHA’s collection of 110 pre-designed itineraries or create a customized tour to meet their specific travel requirements. For more information, call 1-800-323-4466 or visit www.cha-tours.com.

Founded in 2013, Zachary McKinney Technology is a full-service tech solution provider. Zack provides the website maintenance for GaryPowers.com and associated sites. For more information, call 1-434-321-8558 or visit www.zackmckinneytech.com 

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